PMC Wagner

The whole EU border with Belarus may be closed in case of a “serious incident” with PMC Wagner

July 27, 2023 2 minutes to read

Lithuania is already ready.

This was stated by Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski. According to him, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia could jointly decide to close their borders with Belarus if there are serious incidents involving PMC Wagner group on the border.

“Undoubtedly, should there be serious incidents involving the Wagner group on the borders of NATO and EU countries, such as Poland, Lithuania or Latvia, we will undoubtedly take an action together. […] I do not exclude that if we decide that this is the right answer at the moment, we will lead to the complete isolation of Belarus,” Kaminski said.

We recall that earlier today, Lithuanian Minister of Interior Agne Bilotaite spoke about the closure of the border between Belarus and Lithuania, if necessary.