Military activity

Military activity on the territory of Belarus on January 8-14

January 15, 2024 5 minutes to read

Aviation activity, movements of the troops by rail and roads in Belarus

During the week, movements of the Belarusian Armed Forces by rail were recorded, training of a mechanized battalion with Wagner mercenaries began. Occasional movements of equipment of the Russian Armed Forces are still recorded.

Aviation activity

  • Aviation activity was recorded at Machulishchy, Lida, Baranavichy, Babruisk, and Luninets airfields. Flights of aircraft and helicopters of the Belarusian Air Force were recorded.
  • On January 8, a fighter of the 61st Fighter Air Base of the Belarusian Air Force was flying in the state border area with Poland.

Rail activity

  • On January 8-9, the 202nd Separate Mechanized Battalion of the 6th Mechanized Brigade was redeployed by a military cargo train from the permanent deployment point to the 230th Obuz-Liasnouski combined arms training ground for a training with PMC Wagner mercenaries. 
  • On January 9, a cargo train with two MAZ-7310 chassis was spotted at Stalichny station (Minsk). The chassis is used for the production of military equipment (e.g., S-400 SAM system). Most likely, it was transported to Russia.

Movements by road

  • Single vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces were spotted on some sections of the R31 highway.
  • No movements of PMC Wagner vehicles were recorded. The mercenaries were spotted in Baranavichy. Most likely, these mercenaries could have conducted training with the Belarusian military at the Obuz-Liasnouski training ground.
  • Large convoys and single vehicles of the Belarusian Armed Forces were spotted in Minsk, Baranavichy, and on some sections of the М9, R31 and other highways.

Combat training

Combat training activities with units of the Belarusian Armed Forces were conducted at the Obuz-Liasnouski, Asipovichski, Barysauski, Losvida, Chapialiova, Brestski, Uruchcha, and Hozhski training grounds.

Changes in the size of the Russian Armed Forces group and PMC Wagner in Belarus: no data.

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General conclusion on current situation

The beginning of training of the mechanized battalion of the 6th Brigade of the Belarusian Armed Forces by Wagner mercenaries may indicate a change of pattern, when mercenaries trained mainly the Internal Troops. There is a small number of mercenaries left in Belarus, who serve as instructors in the security forces. Apparently, we can expect joint trainings by mercenaries with other mechanized battalions, which are part of the rapid reaction forces, in the near future.