Military activity

Military activity on the territory of Belarus on September 6

September 6, 2023 3 minutes to read

The main military events on September 6

Aviation activity

  • Aviation activity was recorded at Machulishchy, Baranavichy, Lida airfields, and at Brest airport.
  • Il-76 of the Russian Aerospace Forces (RA-78847) arrived at Baranavichy airfield from Moscow.
  • Il-76 of the Russian Aerospace Forces (RF-76552) flew from Baranavichy airfield to Moscow.
  • CASA C-295M aircraft of the Kazakh Air Force arrived at Brest airport.

Rail activity

  • A military cargo train of the Belarusian Armed Forces was being formed at Luninets station. The train consisted of at least 14 pieces of equipment: BTR-80, T72B, BMP-2, and 3 passenger cars of the Belarusian Railway.

Movements by road

  • No movements of the Russian Armed Forces were recorded.
  • No movements of PMC Wagner vehicles were recorded.
  • A large convoy of the Belarusian Armed Forces with over 10 Ural and MAZ trucks (KUNG) was moving along the M1 highway on the section Dziarzhynsk-Stoubtsy. Single vehicles and small convoys were spotted in Minsk and on a section of the M1 highway.
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General conclusion

The conclusion on the situation made in the report for August 6 remains valid.

Changes in the size of PMC Wagner and the Russian Armed Forces group in Belarus: no data.

Online map of military activity in Belarus