Military activity

Military activity on the territory of Belarus on July 31

July 31, 2023 3 minutes to read

The main military events on July 31

Aviation activity

  • Aviation activity was recorded at Machulishchy and Baranavichy airfields. Flights of aircraft and helicopters of the Belarusian Air Force and Russian Aerospace Forces were recorded.
  • An-148 passenger aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces (RA-61724) arrived at Baranavichy airfield.

Rail activity

  • A train of the Russian Railways with flatcars for the transportation of equipment was spotted in Baranavichy.

Movements by road

  • A large convoy (20+ pieces) with military vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces was recorded on some sections of the M1 highway (Orsha- Russian border).
  • No movements of PMC Wagner were recorded.
  • No large convoys (10+ pieces) with military vehicles of the Belarusian Armed Forces were recorded. Single vehicles and small convoys were spotted in Baranavichy and on some sections of the M1 highway.
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General conclusion

The conclusion on the situation made in the report for July 23 remains valid.

Changes in the size of PMC Wagner and the group of the Russian Armed Forces in Belarus: no data.

Online map of military activity in Belarus