PMC Wagner

There were 4000-4500 mercenaries of PMC Wagner in Belarus as of mid-August

September 8, 2023 2 minutes to read

What about now?

We believe that part of the mercenaries may indeed have left Belarus, but the number of their vehicles at the camp in Tsel village hasn’t changed much over the month.

No active movements of Wagner mercenaries on the territory of Belarus were recorded in August. Moreover, the last time their movement was spotted on August 27, and in the first week of September, their movements were not recorded at all.

However, according to our data, tents continue to be dismantled at their main camp, and at the moment, there are about 130 tents left, i.e. 55% less than at the end of July. We should also take into account that some of the mercenaries may be redeployed to repaired barracks. It’s important to note that despite the reduction in the number of tents, there are not fewer vehicles at the camp, they were just relocated to other parking places on the territory of the camp.

The full review of military activity in Belarus in August is available here.