The seventh day of the combat readiness inspection of the Belarusian Armed Forces: what’s known at the moment

March 17, 2024 5 minutes to read

Active participation of aviation units of the Belarusian Armed Forces in the inspection will continue.

  • Units of the 1st Separate Mechanized Battalion and 4th Separate Tank Battalion of the 19th Mechanized Brigade arrived in the area of tasks performance in Ashmiany district. The personnel deployed on the terrain, equipped accommodation, placed and camouflaged equipment, organized guarding, conducts patrolling and ambush operations, serves at checkpoints. The work of the brigade’s UAV detachment was demonstrated.
  • As part of the combat readiness inspection, the draft of soldiers from the reserve began for additional staffing of the 19th Mechanized Brigade (military unit 71327). The brigade has deployed a personnel reception center for them. According to our information, conscripts are drafted mainly from Vitsiebsk region. The Belarusian MoD also reported about the draft of conscripts in Minsk district. There’s also conscription from transport organizations. According to the Belarusian MoD, during the combat readiness inspection, more than 3000 conscripts have already been drafted from the reserve. This number may be enough to ensure the deployment of the mechanized brigade to wartime staffing.
  • Apparently, the 19th Brigade is taking part in activities similar to those conducted with the 11th Mechanized Brigade in April 2023. We recall that at that time, the transfer of the brigade to wartime staffing was practiced as part of the combat readiness inspection. And the number of the 11th Brigade was brought to 6000 people. According to our estimates, at that time about 4000 conscripts were drafted from the reserve. We wrote about the preparation of the 19th Brigade to draft a large number of conscripts back in June 2023. The Belarusian MoD hasn’t reported on practicing the transfer of the 19th Brigade from peacetime to wartime. Earlier, the Belarusian MoD said that such drills would be held with all the formations (brigades) of the Belarusian Armed Forces.
  • Units of the 202nd Separate Mechanized Battalion of the 6th Mechanized Brigade are probably still stationed at the Hozhski training ground. No new information on their activity has been reported.
  • Artillery units of the Western Operational Command are involved in the combat readiness inspection. The cannon unit of the 111th Artillery Brigade (military unit 11921, armed with 2S5 Giatsint-S) and the mortar battery of the 841st Artillery Group of the 11th Brigade (military unit 20670, armed with 2S12 Sani) were performing tasks as part of the inspection. Currently, these units are at field drills (presumably at the Obuz-Liasnouski training ground).
  • The information about the conduct of comprehensive inspection with the Belarusian Air Force on March 14 was confirmed. As part of the ongoing combat readiness inspection, the active participation of aviation units of the Belarusian Armed Forces will continue.