Military activity

The first military cargo train of the Russian Armed Forces arrived in Belarus to participate in the CSTO drills

August 19, 2023 2 minutes to read

These drills were known about back in June.

According to Belarusian Hajun, yesterday, August 18, a military cargo train with equipment and personnel of the Russian Armed Forces arrived at Brest-Paudniovy station. According to our information, soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces arrived in Brest to participate in the Interaction-2023 joint drills with the CSTO rapid reaction forces, which will be held in Belarus from September 1 to September 6. At the same time, the following drills will be held in Belarus:

  • Search-2023 with reconnaissance forces;
  • Echelon-2023 with logistic support forces;
  • Barrier-2023 with a joint radiation, chemical and biological protection and medical provision formation;
  • Rock-2023 with units of the Ministry of Emergency.

We recall that it was reported about all these drills back in June 2023, when negotiations on the organization and conduct of joint CSTO drills were held in Brest.

According to our information, at least part of the planned drills will take place at the Brestski training ground, where soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces will stay at least until September 9.