PMC Wagner

Morawiecki: 100 Wagner mercenaries went towards the Suwalki gap

July 29, 2023 2 minutes to read

It’s possible that the mercenaries were sent to a training ground for training with the Belarusian military.

Today, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that “more than 100 mercenaries of PMC Wagner deployed in Belarus went towards the Suwalki gap.” 

We note that there’s the Hozhski training ground of the 6th Mechanized Brigade of the Belarusian Armed Forces (military unit 05733) in the Hrodna district, in close proximity to the border with Lithuania and Poland. It’s possible that the Wagner mercenaries were sent to the Hozhski training ground to train with the Belarusian military.

Previously, the mercenaries of PMC Wagner conducted training with the Belarusian military at least at the Brestski, Losvida and Asipovichski training grounds, as well as at the training center of the internal troops.