Review of military events

Review of military events in Belarus on January 1-7

January 8, 2024 9 minutes to read

Combat training, activities of the Internal Troops and territorial defense.

Last week, a number of combat training activities were reported. These included an inspection of the on-duty units of the rapid reaction forces, a training session with UAV operators, and drills with PMC Wagner mercenaries.

Personnel appointments in the CSTO Joint Staff and new deliveries of UAVs to the troops were also reported.

Combat training

On January 4, the on-duty unit of the rapid reaction forces of the 6th Mechanized Brigade was subject to a sudden inspection. On January 6, the on-duty unit of the 11th Mechanized Brigade was inspected.

On January 5, a review of readiness was held in one of the mechanized units of the 6th Mechanized Brigade before they left for joint training with PMC Wagner mercenaries. Prior to this, the servicemen completed single specialty training.

Combat training continued in the 336th Rocket Artillery Brigade. The main focus was on the management of missile strikes. We recall that in November 2023, the brigade received a divizion set of the V-300 Polonez-M missile system.

Review of military events in Belarus on January 1-7 Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus

Mechanics-drivers of the BTR-82A armored personnel carriers and the Kaiman combat vehicle are being trained for the 6th and 11th Mechanized Brigades. In 2021 and 2023, the Belarusian Armed Forces received three battalion sets of the BTR-82A. One of them entered service with the 6th Mechanized Brigade. The brigades also have in service the P-240 combined communications equipment on the chassis of the Kaiman combat vehicle.

Firearms training was held with the personnel of the 11th Mechanized Brigade at the Obuz-Liasnouski training ground. The servicemen practiced firing with the BMP-2 and T-72B weapons. The servicemen also performed firing exercises with the 12.7 mm Degtyarev-Shpagin large-caliber machine gun modified for bipod firing.

Review of military events in Belarus on January 1-7 Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus

A training session in specialties with servicemen of mechanized units of the 120th Mechanized Brigade is held at the Uruchcha training ground. Machine gunners, snipers, and riflemen improved their professional skills in firearms training.

Training in explosive operations was held with servicemen of the engineer-sapper battalion of the 557th Engineering Brigade. During the training, the servicemen practiced working with blasting equipment and explosives.

Snipers from the 22nd Separate Special Purpose Company and other military units of the Western Operational Command are trained under the guidance of experienced instructors at the training center of the 103rd Airborne Brigade.

Review of military events in Belarus on January 1-7 Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus

A training session for UAV operators was held in the 51st Artillery Brigade. During the training, servicemen improved FPV drone piloting techniques on a simulator, as well as ammunition dropping with the use of UAVs.

Firearms training was held in the 74th Signal Regiment. During the training, servicemen practiced first aid based on the experience of PMC Wagner mercenaries.

Military commissariats. Territorial defense

Review of military events in Belarus on January 1-7 Photo: Internal Troops of Belarus

On January 5, firearms training was held on the basis of the 5th Militia Brigade of the Internal Troops (military unit 6713) with the chairmen of district executive committees of Mahiliou region. The event was attended by the heads of the regional departments of the Internal Affairs and the KGB. It was noted that during the training, they used the experience gained from the mercenaries of PMC Wagner.


On January 3, Major-General Viktar Lisouski was dismissed from the post of deputy chief of the CSTO Joint Staff. Lisouski had held the post since July 2021. The reason for the dismissal was not specified. Most likely, Lisouski was dismissed due to reaching the age limit for military service.