Military activity

Military activity on the territory of Belarus on September 21

September 21, 2023 4 minutes to read

The main military events on September 21

Aviation activity

  • Aviation activity was recorded at Machulishchy, Baranavichy, Asautsy, Babruisk and Barautsy airfields. Flights of aircraft and helicopters of the Belarusian Air Force and Russian Aerospace Forces were recorded.
  • Il-76 military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces left Baranavichy airfield.

Rail activity

  • No rail activity was recorded.

Movements by road

  • No movements of the Russian Armed Forces were recorded.
  • No movements of PMC Wagner vehicles were recorded.
  • No large convoys (10+ pieces) with military vehicles of the Belarusian Armed Forces were recorded. Single vehicles and small convoys were spotted in Minsk, Homiel, Hrodna, and on some sections of the M1, R44, R53, R104 highways.
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General conclusion

  • On September 22, bilateral comprehensive drills of the Belarusian Armed Forces begin. Units of the 6th, 11th, 19th and 120th Mechanized Brigades, the 50th Combined Air Base, the 51st Artillery Brigade, the 74th Signal Regiment, the 147th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, the 250th Separate Guard and Service Battalion, the 336th Rocket Artillery Brigade and other units will take part in the drills. It is possible that the drills are held instead of the previously canceled Union Shield drills.
  • At the same time, command staff drills with the territorial defense forces of Mahiliou region will also be held. The drills will involve units of the territorial troops of Mahiliou, Asipovichy, and Chavusy districts, as well as two detachments of the national home guard. The specific feature of the drills is the scheduled firing of artillery units of the territorial troops, armed with 100-mm MT-12 Rapira anti-tank guns. Such firing has been held before.

Changes in the size of PMC Wagner and the Russian Armed Forces group in Belarus: no data.

Online map of military activity in Belarus