PMC Wagner

Where did the mercenaries of PMC Wagner go from Belarus?

February 27, 2024 3 minutes to read

The silence has been too long.

On February 23, we wrote that some of the mercenaries of PMC Wagner might have been transferred from Belarus to Russia on February 17. What indicates this?

  • On February 15, the An-12 military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived at Homiel airport from Russia. On February 17, the aircraft flew to Machulishchy airfield, from where it left for Platov airport. The 1st training center of the Rosgvardiya (military unit 3701, Persianovski village) is located 40 km from the airport.
  • Pro-Wagner Telegram channels published information that the mercenaries began to train volunteer formations of the Rosgvardiya before being sent to the front.
  • Since February 9, the press service of the Internal Troops of Belarus hasn’t mentioned trainings of soldiers by PMC Wagner. Although earlier, photo and video reports from trainings with the mercenaries were published regularly.
  • On February 20, while addressing the enforcers, Lukashenka hinted that the mercenaries of PMC Wagner had competed the work on sharing combat experience. “Our officers know everything else at the same level, they graduated from the same academies,” he said.

Everything indicates that the majority of mercenaries-instructors of PMC Wagner could have left Belarus for Russia to participate in the training of the Rosgvardiya units. However, it’s premature to talk about the complete termination of mercenaries’ activities in Belarus.