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The Russian military in Ziabrauka are now guarded by an air assault brigade?

September 28, 2023 2 minutes to read

Previously, this task was performed by units of the 103rd Airborne Brigade.

Today, the Telegram channel of the 38th Air Assault Brigade of the Belarusian Armed Forces published a video of the training with the 383rd Air Assault Battalion, which is part of the brigade.

It was reported that during the training, which was held in Homiel, they practiced actions in tactical airborne landing, movement and cover of airborne units with the involvement of Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters, countering an attack on a storage base, air targeting and reinforcement of the airfield.

Judging by the published footage, as part of the training, the military countered an attack on the 1868th Artillery Weapons Base (military unit 63604, Homiel). Also, the footage shows Ziabrauka airfield, where the Russian military have been stationed since 2022.

Earlier, we noted that units of the Belarusian Armed Forces are engaged not only in guarding the border with Ukraine, but also in ensuring the security of Russian military facilities located at Mazyr (Bokau) and Ziabrauka airfields. We can state that the task of guarding the Russian military at Ziabrauka airfield has now been assigned to the 38th Air Assault Brigade.

Previously, units of the 103rd Airborne Brigade were guarding the Russian military on a rotational basis.