New drills with the territorial defense – in Vitsiebsk and Homiel regions

April 12, 2024 3 minutes to read

Such drills are held annually

Preparations for new drills with military commissariats and territorial defense continue in Belarus.

Mobilization drills will be held in June in Vitsiebsk region. Their main purpose is to assess the level of readiness of military commissariats, state bodies and organizations to perform the assigned tasks.

During the drills, it’s planned to practice the transfer of military commissariats from peacetime to wartime, deployment of mobilization infrastructure, draft of conscripts and vehicles for additional staffing of commissariats. All military commissariats of Vitsiebsk region will be involved in the drills.

New drills with the territorial defense – in Vitsiebsk and Homiel regions Belarusian Hajun

Such drills are held annually. For example, in 2023, mobilization drills were conducted with military commissariats of Minsk region, in 2022 – Homiel region.

Preparations are underway to conduct drills with the territorial defense in Rechytsa district (Homiel region). We wrote about possible drills in Rechytsa earlier.

Most likely, the drills will be held within the framework of the second stage of the inspection of the territorial defense of Homiel region. The approximate date of the drills is May-July.

We recall that since the beginning of the year, the territorial defense drills have been held (are currently being held) in four regions of Belarus:

  • Minsk region – in Vileika district;
  • Hrodna region – in Voranava district;
  • Homiel region – in Rahachou and Karma districts.

In May, drills with the territorial defense will also be conducted in Mahiliou.