Military activity

Large-scale military drills will be held in Belarus at the end of September

September 14, 2023 2 minutes to read

Units with Smerch and Polonez MLRS have already begun moving to the drills area.

Bilateral comprehensive drills are scheduled for late September in the Belarusian Armed Forces. This was announced in late August by Valery Revenko, the head of the Department of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. According to the official, the OSCE member states were previously notified about the upcoming drills within the Vienna Document 2011.

According to our information, the drills will involve units of:

  • the 6th Mechanized Brigade;
  • the 11th Mechanized Brigade (including the 841st Artillery Group and a reconnaissance battalion);
  • the 19th Mechanized Brigade (including the 191st Artillery Group);
  • the 120th Mechanized Brigade.
  • the 336th Rocket Artillery Brigade, etc.

Active preparations for the upcoming drills are currently held. Inspections are being conducted to check the availability and condition of weapons. military equipment and gear. The units are also holding training on prevention of “negative informational influence on the personnel.” Servicemen are told the algorithm of recognizing false information (fake news), and the procedure for using social networks and messengers.

According to our information, units of the 336th Rocket Artillery Brigade (armed with Smerch and Polonez MLRS) have already begun moving to the area where the drills are held.