Belarusian volunteers

Five Belarusian volunteers were killed in the war

July 31, 2023 2 minutes to read

At least 27 Belarusians have been killed.

Another Belarusian volunteer died in the war in Ukraine, Pahonia association reports. The name of the killed is not reported.

“He was a true Belarusian – a brave, free, sincere man, who was fighting on the side of light against the occupiers.His Ukrainian friends in arms say: Forever in service, brother! You fought for Ukraine and didn’t wait for the liberation of Belarus…” the message of Pahonia says.

The Kalinouski Regiment also reported today that four Belarusian volunteers of the Litvin and Volat battalions, who were fighting for the freedom of Belarus and Ukraine, died in the war in Ukraine.

“We are in contact with relatives and friends of the killed. The nicknames and especially names of the fighters are not reported for the relatives’ safety” the regiment reported.

At least 27 Belarusian volunteers have been killed in the war since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.