Checkpoints and blocking of roads: KGB is conducting anti-terrorist drills in Mahiliou

October 25, 2023 2 minutes to read

The drills will be held on October 25-26

On October 25-26, the KGB will conduct anti-terrorist drills in Mahiliou to “inspect the readiness of state agencies to respond to acts of terrorism.”

It’s reported that due to this, checkpoints will appear in the city, there’ll be movements of military equipment, traffic restrictions are possible, simulated ammunition and other special means will be used. The Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Investigative Committee, State Border Committee, Ministry of Emergency and other agencies are involved in these drills.

In June, anti-terrorist drills were held in Aktsiabrski district (Homiel region), and in February in Buda-Kashaliova and Klichau districts of Belarus.